Monday, 1 April 2013

i'll always be an alouder.

A very late post, but I thought I'd adress the issue seen as though I've now stopped grieving and am now looking to the future. (and no, my grandad hasn't died.)
I've been a mahoosive fan since I was a little girl, I was the girl who walked into school every morning and went "Have you seen what Nicola was wearing last night?! She looked amazinggggg!" and it came as a shock to the system when they announced they were splitting up. You may disagree with me here, but I thought I'd put my two penneth (is that just a Yorkshire term?) in and tell y'all what I think about the split because to be honest I'm not happy and I'm blaming one person. You probably know the one before I even tell you.

I was disgusted that after ten years, countless hit singles, how many sell out tours (and a half-arsed one which should have been called the 'farewell tour' but wasn't because the management were in denial) and all the girls gave the fans was a Twitlonger. A Twitlonger. Not even a video, a message on the website, a announcement on stage the night they split up, just a tweet that was put up on the official Girls Aloud Twitter. I thought the fans deserved a bit better, because even though we all knew they were going to split up, they did have a whole tour to tell fans, and they didn't. They might not have wanted to spoil the show for the fans, but it was completley obvious it was their last tour seen as though they broke down in tears nearly every night and told audiences 'thanks for the past ten years' and all of that.

I also feel really, really sorry for Nadine. Her and Kimberley have always been my favourites, and I always thought that Nadine was always left out. Her and Sarah were the outcasts in the group, there was 'Chimola' (please don't get me started on the creepy fics) and then Sarah and Nadine (or Sardine if you shipped them) and I don't know why they all disliked Nadine. She always had the best voice, a great personality, a great accent, and always seemed to be somebody who was easy to get along with. Same with Sarah; without her half of the records wouldn't have sounded as good as they did because she has the big voice and can belt out the big notes. Take 'The Promise' for example. She also brought some fun to the group; Hardcore Harding as she is known, always looked to have the best time on stage, jumping around, while Cheryl, Nicola and Kimberley stood there, together, as a huddle. I'm suprised they didn't create their own group.

Also very annoyed at Miss Cole (or Tweedy, because she isn't really a Cole now, is she?) I feel like she didn't want to do the tour, she had her solo career and why go back to Girls Aloud when you've got a career in your own right? I feel like she didn't really want to do the tour, and that she's one of the main reasons it was as half-arsed as it was, I just don't really know what to say apart from that she irritated me during the tour and even though she's a great performer, she isn't as high and mighty and better than the other four girls as she makes out and she should remember that they're a group, there's not only her. While on tour, it was so awkward for the other girls when the audience only cheered Cheryl, aw it was so awkward and I feel so sorry for the 'other four.'



Saturday, 30 March 2013

sat in the library with specs on my nose

Helloooooo! Long time no speak guys! I don't know whether you're all still interested in me, this blog and basically my life and my ramblings and me being boring and sometimes estatic/irritating, but I'm back again and I'd just like to say sorry for being a bore and having too much collegework to do and not enough time to do it. (note to self: do not leave coursework to last minute next time.)

I've spent alot of my time recently reading, no I haven't turned into one of those geeks who sits in the library every second of every day, but I have been talking to the local librarian recently who has reccomended some books to me, and seen as though I love them, I'm guessing you might too.

Yesterday, (Good Friday - hope you all had a lovely day!) I went to the seaside and I don't know why, but seaside book shops are always better than city book stores. I bought Sam Faiers from TOWIE's book, basically an autobiography but with more on the fashion/beauty/paparatzzi side of her and her Essex pals, and to be honest, I'm quite enjoying it. It definetly isn't a book that leaves you feeling like a changed woman or anything, but for a light-hearted book that you can sit and read during the ad breaks of Corrie, it's great. If you're going on holiday soon and are looking for a book to read on the beach, I'd reccomend this one. I wouldn't pay any more than a fiver for it though, the reccomended retail price is £12 and if you bought it for that I guess you would be dissapointed, unless you were a diehard TOWIE fan.

I've also been reading a book called 'Adorkable' by Sarra Manning, which I picked up in The Works, on their three books for a fiver deal, and I really enjoyed that. It's basicallu about a girl who loves blogging, is at secondary school,is a bit weird, and all about her life/boyfriends/teenage life. The main character reminded me a bit of myself, (only in some ways though - I'm not a fan of second hand clothing and love cleanliness; everything is in it's specified place in my house!) which is kinda bad because I didn't really like the main character and wouldn't have done/said some of things she did.. hm. It's definetley aimed at the 14/15 year old market, so if you're in your 20's there's a high chance you won't enjoy it, even I felt like I was too old to read the book.

And guyss... I need your help. I'm thinking of buying the 'Perks of Being A Wallflower' book. Is it any good? I've heard mixed reviews, but I really want to check it out for myself. Is it worth £9? I can't find it any cheaper anywhere, so if it's no good I won't buy it; I've got thousands of other things I need to buy and if £9 can be better spend somewhere else, it will be. Thanks in advance!<3

Lots of love,

Annie Rose<3

Friday, 8 March 2013

i don't like myself, but i also love who i am

every post i seem to do at the moment is really depressing and that makes me sad because so many good things have gone on in my life in the past few weeks so i don't even know why i'm been so down about things, it's probably just because it's not summer yet and it should be because everybody loves summer, it's the only time of the year you can make a total pig out of yourself and eat 10 ice creams at once and say it's because 'it's hot outside and ice cream cools me down' even though it's just because you love ice cream. *mmm asda's knock off version of ben and jerry's mmmm*

there was a post i saw on tumblr (where i get most of my insperation and fangirl over dogs running through fields because surely i can't be the only one who loves pictures of dogs running through fields? oh and you should seriously just look at this and awww
*link*) and it really got me thinking. not all the things on the post apply to me personally, but it had about 100000000 likes and reblogs on it so someone out there must think it all applies to them and that makes me sad because everybody's amazing and aww *bruno mars just the way you are moment*

everybody says they don't really love themselves, they hate their hips or their shoulders or they have a gap in their two front teeth and they don't like it (personally i love the look) but then at the same time they're going 'i like my individuality and i'm unique and look at me' and if i'm perfectly honest i think people are scared to say they like themselves and the way that they look. it sounds stupid, doesn't it? saying you're ugly when you're not, but i think people do just because they're scared of being called 'stuck up' or 'full of themselves,' if everybody else says their ugly, i can't say i'm not kinda thing - even though they're thinking inside 'I'M LOOKING GOOOD BABY!'

what do you think? you can leave your comments in the box below... or tweet me if you'd like @_annielimelight xo





im speechless over how much i relate to this oh my god




Tuesday, 5 March 2013

meow i like cat ears

even though i don't really like cats, i'm a mahoosive fan of cat ears, and am so so happy that they're now coming into fashion (miss selfridge have some lovely ones) because now i can walk down the street into town without people glaring at me and muttering under their breath that i should be at a fancy dress party and not in thorntons.
they're kinda a novelty thing aren't they - cat ears? they can either be like those bunny ears you find at concerts; those really expensive ones you find outside the arena for a tenner or those ones the lucky few find in poundland for, yes you guesses correctly, a pound. i've got a pair from river island, but sadly they've broken (i've only owned them a month! don't buy cat ears from river island!) which means i probably need to buy a new pair… which means spending money. oops.
*update* i've bought some! i've just bought some lovely new cat ears from miss selfridge in the sales - a bargain at only £1.50! and yes, you are reading that right… one whole pound and fifty pence! and you thought the £8 ones were good value!
pixie lott's been sporting thy lovely cat ears for years - even naming her fanbase 'crazy cats' because of it. and her rock and rose range - (link) - is full of 'em, i love the sparkly white ones she has, they are so sweet and would look nice at a birthday party, or at a fancy dress party if you still want to look stylish and still want to dress up as a cat.. (am i the only one who still loves fancy dress parties?) and i also like the way pixie's incorporated a bit of 'fan merch' into the collection because band/singer merch is amazing, especially the stuff that don't look really obvious - like they could be anywhere, from topshop or from the 02 arena - but they still have a special memory attached to them for the wearer… anyway i'm going off topic here so.. ;)



Saturday, 16 February 2013

a bit of honesty for once

hi everybody. it may seem like i've totally abandoned my blog recently, and to be perfectly honest i have. you can't say 'oh yes i'm a blogger and i love blogging and everything' when your last post was at the end of january, can you? i must admit that i haven't been enjoying blogging recently. actually, i haven't blogged at all to even think that i aren't enjoying it. i think blogging is one of those social things where if you don't get alot of readers on a post, it can become exasperating and kinda boring, it makes you think 'what's the point' and i think that may be what happened with me.

i love writing - just when you've posted something online and nobody's read it, well it's as embarrassing as tweeting 'if you love *example of boyband,* RT this* and then nobody retweeting it, except with a tweet not much thought goes into it, and with blog posts, well lets just say blog posts are usually longer than 140 characters. (unless you're a fan of extra short posts, and my rambly self will not permit short posts)

so recently, i've made a pledge to send a message to the blog owner of every post i read, whether it's through twitter or as a comment on the end of their post, because i know how amazing it makes you feel that somebody is actually reading your work, been affected by things you say, and it makes everything a bit more real for you, it's not just a number, a stat, reading your work, it's a human being who actually spent their time to read something you wrote. isn't that special?

in addition to all of this, i'm not comfortable with posting images of myself online - especially when there are hundreds of great blogs out there which are written by beautiful, pretty girls who have great fashion sense - and i don't really want to put myself up against them because i'm kinda scared what people's reactions will be; i've seen comments some people have sent to others with really hurtful things in - like 'you're fat,' 'eww your fashion taste is awful, why the heck are you wearing that?' and personally i would hate to have people saying that about me, so i've made the decision you won't be seeing my face on my blog. (if you're wondering who the heck the person in my profile picture on twitter is, it's perrie edwards from little mix)

the idea for this post came from a blog that i follow (i actually can't physically remember which one it is, i'll have to double check) who linked to another girls' blog - yes, i know this is probably getting confusing now - who said that pretty girls get more readers because people don't like to look at ugly people, no matter how awful it sounds. it also gave hints and tips on how to get more followers/readers and it was really interesting, so if you find it please link me it, i'd love to follow her!

and congrats to all of the bloggers who've written amazing posts over the last few weeks which have kept me smiling and going green with envy over the products you buy and the clothes you wear!

over and out;

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